May 2012

Warren Buffett Tips for Investors.. Worth a read..

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Here are 5 valuable tips for investing from Warren Buffett –
The Master of Value Investing.
1. “Look at stocks as parts of business. Ask yourself, ‘How would I feel if the Stock Exchange was closing tomorrow for the next three years?’ If I am happy owning the stock under that circumstance, I am happy with the business. That frame of mind is important to investing.”
2. “The market is there to serve you and not to instruct you. It is not telling you whether you are right or wrong. The business results will determine that.”
3. “You can’t precisely know what a stock is worth, so leave yourself a margin of safety. Only go into things where you could be wrong to some extent and come out OK.”
4. “Borrowed money is the most common way that smart guys go broke.”
5. “The stock doesn’t know you own it. You have feelings about it, but it has no feelings about you. The stock doesn’t know what you paid. People shouldn’t get emotionally involved with their stocks.”
Happy Investing…

Sir Winston Churchill on Strategy

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Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965):
British politician and statesman known for his leadership of the United Kingdom during the Second World War (WWII). Widely regarded as one of the great wartime leaders.
                  Words from luminaries and thought leaders – both past and present – never fail to inspire and ignite our    
                  thinking. Reminding us that our journey of personal betterment to attain enlightenment is far from over.
                                                   Because in the end, knowledge imparted, is wisdom gained.

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