September 2017

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How do successful people operate & some extreme charts … Weekend good reads..

👉 Life is beautiful … Make it count… Weekend good reads …

(1) ❓How Do successful people COMPOUND TIME

👉 Some Common attributes of the likes of Warren Buffet ,Albert Einstein , Ben Franklin , Steve jobs , Oprah …. and many more …. on how they expand their time despite the “busy” ness … of life

How Successful people Compound time?

(2) 🏞They say a picture is worth a thousand words but in investing it is worth so much more.

📌Having a few extreme charts on your wall can be a helpful reminder that there is no such thing as “can’t,” “won’t,” or “has to” in markets.

👉And that’s why listening to the endless prophesies of gurus and pundits can be useless

❓They don’t know anything more about the future than you or I, which is to say they don’t know anything at all.

👌🏼 A wonderful read …..Put these Charts on your Wall 

Have fun….

January 2017

The Golden Rules for Investing

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The Golden Rules of Investing are essentially a common sensical approach which largely comes down to the emotional aspects such as Discipline, Patience, Greed & Fear. 

Remember these 10 golden rules of Investing.

1. Risk is inevitable – What is Risk?  Understanding Risk is the first part and then learning to Manage it. 
2. Start early – Benefit from compounding. Einstein has acknowledged Compounding as the 8th wonder of the world.
3. Have realistic expectations – Greed is bad. How much is too much. You never know what is enough, until you know what is more than enough.
4. Invest regularly – Not even God can time the markets. Timing/Forecasting the markets is an illusion.
5. Stay Invested – Be a marathon runner. Markets tests patience and rewards conviction.
6. Don’t churn your investments – It only increases costs. If you like gambling, go to a casino. For serious investing, stay put.
7. Spread your corpus – Each investment class is important. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. 
8. Sell your losers – Hope doesn’t make money, Wisdom does. We are biased against actions that lead to regret. People attach too much weight to gains and losses rather than wealth. 
9. Hot tips usually burn your investments – Avoid them. Remember the reverse of TIP is PIT. So a tip usually dumps you in a PIT almost always. 
10. Taxes are important – But not at the cost of a bad investment. Only Death and Taxes are certain, true ~ But don’t make bad investments just to save tax. Don’t be Penny Wise Pound Foolish.

Happy Investing

May 2015

Understanding Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) & Benefits !!!

Systematic Transfer Plan Benefits, Equity Investments, Strategy , Tactical Allocation

Systematic Transfer Plan refers to Mutual Fund investment method where an investor is able to invest lump sum amount in a scheme and regularly transfer a fixed or variable amount into another scheme. Transfers are usually made from debt funds to equity funds if the market is doing well and vice versa if the market is not performing well.     

Why should one opt for STPs?

  • Time-saving: Instead of selling equity mutual funds units first and then waiting for sale proceeds before re-investing into any other scheme, STP provides you smooth transfer of your funds from one scheme to another of the same fund house. Its saves you time and reduces the cost due on transaction front
  • Consistent returns – Money invested in debt fund earns interest till the time it is transferred to equity funds.                                                                                           The returns in debt fund are higher than returns from savings bank account and assure relatively better performance. (more…)

December 2012

NSE Stocks which have outperformed the Nifty index!!!

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Indian Stock markets have outperformed other asset classes over the past 1 year, and especially more so over the last 6 months.

So, which are the NSE stocks which have outperformed the Nifty index.

The above chart indicates broadly the Blue Chips in the following sectors have been out – performing  the index : Auto, Cement, Banks, Pharma, FMCG. 

The blue chip stocks in the following sectors which have underperformed and some have also given negative returns are : IT, Metals, Telecom. 

Are you invested in the markets? Because if not, you just missed a 45% (annualized) rally over the last 6 months. 

Happy Investing.



November 2012

Know you Client (KYC) ~ Information you need to know!!

Know Your Client Forms, PAN Card, KYC Forms, AMFI, SEBI Rules, Guidelines, Submission, How long does it take, Demat Account

It is mandatory to have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Know your Customer (KYC)  for Investments in Stocks, Mutual Funds. 

Here are some important links where you can get more information regarding KYC : 

1. You can download the form from the AMFI site : Individual KYC Form ~ In case of any change of Information , you need to fill Change KYC form

2. The completed form along the PAN Copy, photograph, proof of Identity and Proof of Address and signed form needs to be submitted at Point of Service (POS). A complete list of PoS is available on the website of AMFI at, and mutual fund websites.

You will get an acknowledgement after an An In-person verification at the POS, after which the forms will be sent for further processing. 

3. You can check your KYC status online. Simply visit Central Depository Service (India) Ltd website  , Click on the ‘KYC Inquiry’ and type in your PAN number.

Remember, that you need to complete the KYC process only once and the same reference can be used at SEBI registered intermediaries for investing purposes.

All existing investors in mutual funds should Please read the KYC compliancy requirements as per the latest regulatory changes from SEBI, in order to ensure that you are a KYC compliant investor

Need for Investing early & Power of Compounding!!

Power of Compounding, Investing at an early age, Illustration, Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Gold,

Well the above mentioned information is pretty basic math. And most of well educated adults would have solved these compounding problems by Class VI, Secondary School. 

Then, why do most of the people miss out on the above basic calculation when it comes to personal investing & money management?

It is similar to other aspects of life to a certain extent. For eg:, Everyone knows  that eating healthy food , staying fit, regular exercising etc. is good for healthy and happy life . But most of the people fall for junk food consistently or religiously spend time lazying in front of Idiot Box etc.

I think that most people underestimate the tremendous power of simplicity & on simple and good things of life in general. Also, it requires a lot of discipline, patience, consistency & conviction. Realize though, that Simplicity is ultimate sophistication.

Discipline and Patience are virtues which requires a lot of mental toughness. It is people with these virtues, more important than Intelligence or IQ, who successfully achieve their goals and much more than what they initially set their eyes on.

Moral : Markets and Life test patience but reward discipline and conviction.  Happy Long term Investing


October 2012

September 2012

The fallacy of believing in Stock Market Timing !!!!

The fallacy of believing in Stock Market Timing , Stock Market investing, Profits, Behavior Psychology, Economics,

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards ~ Soren Kierkegaard

In an ideal world, one would hold stocks when they are cheap and sell them when they become expensive, put the money in bank and wait until the stocks become cheap again only to buy back and repeat the process. Cool!!!!,

Except, there is a minor hitch ~ that there is vague possibility of the above happening in a dream and that too from a good night’s sleep.

Looking back, you can always say which stocks could have been sold or bought into. But do not let this fool you into thinking that in real time, you can just get in or get out so easily.

In the financial markets, hindsight is forever 20/20, but foresight is legally blind.
And so for most investors market timing is a practical and emotional impossibility.

OK, so how about the professionals….Can they time the markets any better than the average investor. Studies have shown plain index returns have time and again beaten the (alpha searchers) mutual fund managers/analysts or market timers over a period of time. (If you avoid  them, you will also save on the various expenses which the experts charge)

Being in the Financial Markets / Financial Planning services industry , I have seen innumerable people following analysts on TV Channels, subscribing to various newsletters, online sites for the holy grail tips & trying to time the markets. However they succeed far and few BUT fail time and again. The only people who consistently make money are the information providers and the tipsters. 

Remember the opposite of TIP is PIT and that is what many traders and market timers land after burning their hands. 

Try Market timing with not more than 5-10% of your portfolio and see the results for yourself. 

For Serious investing, Timing is Nothing!!!!  Who the hell said, .. “Successful Investing is ~ Buy low and Sell high …..!!!!” Simple… Yet not easy…. Happy Investing


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