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July 2012

The ten commandments of Customer Service ~ Carl Sewell

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I am in between reading this book ” Customers of Life” and am loving every bit of it. It’s awesome….
It starts with the ten commandments of customer service, delighting customers and keeping customers of life : 
1. Give the customers what they want, again and again..
2. Under promise and Over deliver
3. If the customers asks for something, the answer is yes
4. A job has to be done right, every time.. Keep systems and smiles alone are not enough.
5. Every employee is your customer service employee… This is similar philosophy of Zappos.com
6. Encourage customers to give complaints… No complaints means something is wrong. 
7. Measure..Measure..Measure.. What cannot be measured.. cannot be done and what cannot be done cannot be achieved.
8. Treat employees as partners…Pay accordingly
9. Be polite.. Show respect.. It works
10. Continually improve systems and make them the best..
Of course all these work when you are in profit 🙂

New Passport Seva Kendra ~ Surprisingly Pleasing Experience

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I visited the New Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) in thane area today. These have been open for the past few months now.

These are the front end processing being managed by TCS and government employees. The old Regional Passport Offices (RPO’s) will do the back office work and dispatch etc. 

Obviously, my expectation was quite low in terms of services. I remember when I used to sit on plastic chairs out in the open terrace waiting for my turn to get passport services.

However, this time, contrary to expectations, it turned to quite a wonderful experience. The place was absolutely spic and span, completely air-conditioned. Hygiene factors were top class. The Employees were friendly & helpful. Restroom facilities were clean. There was a cafeteria in place and also a photocopier, for people who may have missed out on some copies. Extremely efficient token system and quite effective too. 

The only issue was that I was unable to book my appointment online. However, walk-in’s were allowed. 

All in all it was a wonderful experience. Great going & Kudos to the passport service department.