July 2012

The ten commandments of Customer Service ~ Carl Sewell

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I am in between reading this book ” Customers of Life” and am loving every bit of it. It’s awesome….
It starts with the ten commandments of customer service, delighting customers and keeping customers of life : 
1. Give the customers what they want, again and again..
2. Under promise and Over deliver
3. If the customers asks for something, the answer is yes
4. A job has to be done right, every time.. Keep systems and smiles alone are not enough.
5. Every employee is your customer service employee… This is similar philosophy of Zappos.com
6. Encourage customers to give complaints… No complaints means something is wrong. 
7. Measure..Measure..Measure.. What cannot be measured.. cannot be done and what cannot be done cannot be achieved.
8. Treat employees as partners…Pay accordingly
9. Be polite.. Show respect.. It works
10. Continually improve systems and make them the best..
Of course all these work when you are in profit 🙂

June 2012

Sensory Branding ~ Power of Sound ~ Audio Experience

Sound~ Human beings are naturally sensitive to sound & meanings. Of course, this powerful association comes naturally right from the first sound we could hear our mother’s heartbeat. Sound evokes memories, experiences and lead to certain behaviors like these:

Experiments have shown that when music in restaurants is played slower than the rhthym of heart beats ~ we tend to eat slower.. Been to las vegas ~ the revenue from slot machines  dropped dramatically when the winkling and tinkling of the slot machines were removed.

Audi chose a combination of heart beat + Piano + breath as it’s audio branding initiative. Mercedes Benz got the precise and appealing sound for closing of a car door.  Victoria’s Secret uses a special classical music in it’s stores to support the premium image. Renault has a special ‘Hum’ of engine and the ‘Swish’ of windscreen wipers.

Of course Iphone users are familiar with the ‘crumbling’ sound when you trash data. The jingle of Intel Inside and Microsoft are pretty well known. Kellogs has the special crunching sound to indicate the crispiness of the snacks. 

Couldn’t resist compiling and putting together world class brands using audio branding 

Marketing, Branding, Sensory Branding, Audio, Sound, Consumer Insight, Shopper BehaviorBrands chosen : Starbucks, Audi, Bang & Olufsen, Renault, Toys R Us, Kellogs, Daimler Chrysler, Microsoft, Intel, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Ford 

It’s the experience that matters!!!! &Successful brands are well aware of this fact. More on Sensory Brands : Visual Branding 

Sensory Branding ~ Visual Branding ~ Some of the top Brands

Sight ~ The most powerful and seductive sense. It can overrule other senses and override logic. “We see what we want to see”. (Eye of the Beholder)

Visual Branding is association of a brand with a color, shape, typography, logo, icon/symbol or look appearance.

Research indicates that shopper that shapes and colors influence shopper (consumer) behavior. The following pattern has been observed about Impulse buyers, Traditional shoppers and Budgetary shoppers:

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Obviously, successfully brands are engaging shoppers using visual experience. Here are some of the top notch brands which have successfully associated themselves with visual branding… 

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(L-R) – The Body Shop, Diesel, Ferrari, Mcdonalds, Toblerone, Vodafone, Benetton, Coca Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, Disney

More on Sensory Branding using Audio